I understand and support football player Colin Kaepernick’s right to peaceful protest by not standing for the national anthem. One of reason we serve in the military, which I did for 28 years, is to protect that right.

But I cannot agree with writer Josmar Trujillo’s selectivity about history [“Kaepernick offers a valuable lesson,” Opinion, Sept. 2]. He seems to have forgotten about the Civil War, in which Union soldiers fought against slavery, and many died.

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Does Trujillo believe only nonwhites were oppressed? More than a century ago, my Irish ancestors were met by signs reading “Irish need not apply” when looking for work in parts of this country.

Trujillo also has Kaepernink’s career timeline reversed. Kaepernick’s endorsements are already in his pocket. He didn’t protest when he played for the University of Nevada or in his first years as an NFL quarterback.

Richard Outcault, Northport