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Letter: Why to Long Island’s police earn more than NY’s governor?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with Donald Trump on

Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with Donald Trump on Jan. 18, 2017. Credit: Getty Images / John Moore

Newsday cites the average compensation for a police officer on Long Island as a staggering $230,000 a year [“Low crime, high costs,” Editorial, Jan. 16]. The salary of our top state executive, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, is much less, at $179,000.

I know that police do a great job, but do we really need to pay our officers so much more? How does police compensation compare with other public employee compensation? I would love to see a comparison of pay for teachers, judges, district attorneys, sanitation workers and other state and local workers.

Nassau County can’t balance its budget, and our taxes are among the highest in the nation. Can you imagine if the police compensation were reduced to a more reasonable level, say $150,000, which would reduce the police budget considerably? Maybe we could get the services we expect — and lower tax bills! Let the taxpayers decide.

Lewis Bernstein, East Norwich