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Letter: Why is U.S. on hook over Ebola?

A Nigerian health official wearing a protective mask

A Nigerian health official wearing a protective mask waits to screen passengers at the arrivals hall of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, Monday, Aug. 4, 2014. Credit: AP

Yet another international crisis arises thousands of miles from us, and yet again the United States is called on to take the lead in the fight and bear the brunt of the cost ["Obama: World must stop Ebola," News, Sept. 17].

The $500-million initial outlay from an overseas contingency fund, which is redirected from Pentagon spending in other places, still comes from our taxes.

It's long past time the United States stopped being the world's police force and cash cow. Let's kick the useless United Nations out of our country and start charging other nations a world's police tax in instances like this.

This nation has done more than its fair share in bailing out other countries over the past hundred years, while at the same time seeing a huge erosion of our manufacturing base, and corresponding economic prosperity, to other nations.

It's time to let those other nations bear the cost of dealing with crises in their hemispheres.

Tim Consiglio, Hauppauge