In the fourth grade, I learned that the border between the United States and Mexico is slightly less than 2,000 miles long, and a bit more than half of that border runs along the deepest channel of the Rio Grande [“Trump goes shallow in the deep end,” Opinion, Sept. 16]. Also, there are maritime boundaries of 18 miles in the Pacific Ocean and 12 miles in the Gulf of Mexico.

Where would Donald Trump place his wall? Down the center of the river? On the Mexico side? Or would he give the river to Mexico by building a wall on the U.S. side?

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In addition, the river shifts from time to time, requiring land to transfer to the United States or to Mexico. These problems are solved by border treaties administered by the International Boundary and Water Commission. This commission has been viewed as a model of international cooperation. What’s Trump’s plan for a shifting river?

Arnold Holtzman, Plainview