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Letter: Worry about a global attack on iPhones

New Yorkers are stuck between unlock and a

New Yorkers are stuck between unlock and a hard place. Credit: iStock

Donald Trump asked about Apple, “Who do they think they are?” But the better question is, who do our government officials think they are? The Obama administration, which would refrain from using torture or waterboarding to extract information before an imminent terror attack, feels it can compel a private company to create software to hack a phone — which is a felony — in the hopes that the phone might yield some information.

All of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ opponents call him a socialist as though it is a dirty word. A socialist society is one in which the rights of the society trump the rights of the individual. In America, the rights of the individual trump the rights of the society. That was the purpose of the Bill of Rights. That’s why you can own a gun, say what you please, congregate freely and refuse to let police into your house without a warrant.

Apple is right to protect the privacy of iPhone owners. It is weighing the freedom of thousands of iPhone owners against the possibility that the terrorist’s phone might contain some useful information. A subsequent, hostile hack of iPhones could cause a worldwide disaster.

Michael Macklin, Rockville Centre