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Letter: Wyandanch working on students' behalf

Wyandanch Memorial High School, part of the Wyandanch

Wyandanch Memorial High School, part of the Wyandanch Union Free School District, is located at 54 S. 32nd St. (Jan. 27, 2012) Credit: J.C. Cherubini

The Newsday editorial "Wyandanch's sad history: a revolving door at the top" [Jan. 21] was both inaccurate and misleading.

The Wyandanch school board has worked tirelessly to improve pre-kindergarten programs, train teachers to implement Common Core learning standards and find funds for afterschool programs. The board looks for ways to educate and inspire the children in the district. To awaken to this inflammatory editorial was disheartening.

The board took a stance and suspended the former superintendent, knowing it was going to be controversial to some people, in order to enhance student achievement.

The choice for the former superintendent's replacement -- far from being evidence of "dysfunction" -- was clearly the most seamless and efficacious the board could offer the district. Mary Jones often ran the district in Pless Dickerson's absence; she had been interim superintendent before, and with more success than we've seen since. Jones is an exemplary educator, and choosing her while continuing to search for a superintendent made perfect sense.

The anti-nepotism policy in the Wyandanch school district was not repealed. As much as it troubles us, in a hamlet where there is little industry and the school district is the largest employer, we have adhered to that policy. We also question why Wyandanch is singled out, while other school districts do not have anti-nepotism policies.

Nancy Holliday, Wyandanch

Editor's note: The writer is the school board president.


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