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Letter: Ye Olde Firehouse never was one

(Left to right) Ex-Fire Commissioner Mark Goldsmith, Julie

(Left to right) Ex-Fire Commissioner Mark Goldsmith, Julie Dirolf, Point Lookout Fire Commissioner Jack Paz, Lido Beach Fire Commissioner Andy Richter, Liz Murdy and Mike Fichtelman are some of those urging their community to vote on a $7 million fire department bond resolution that would allow the district to upgrade and rebuild some of their buildings. (July 3, 2013) Credit: Alejandra Villa

Regarding "Fire district's bond split" [News, July 5], I would like to see the record straight about the property named Ye Olde Firehouse.

I am a Point Lookout "lifer" who wears many community hats. Many consider me the Point Lookout historian.

Ye Olde Firehouse was never a firehouse. That is an artistic name. The building is a community hall that was paid for by a 1932 community bond issue. It was designed by the same firm (Shreve, Lamb and Harmon) that designed the Empire State Building. The building still is our community hall.

The confusion lies in the abutting separate two-story fire station, which was built by fire department volunteers, not professional contractors. According to independent engineer reports, this fire station needs significant remediation or demolition.

Don Kelly, Point Lookout