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Letters: 6-figure pensions must end sooner

One out of every six police officers and

One out of every six police officers and firefighters who retired from state and local agencies outside New York City last year qualified for an annual pension of greater than $100,000, according to a report released. Photo Credit: iStock

The Nassau police union head admitted that the reason for all the six-figure police pensions is the inordinate amount of overtime ["Cops, firefighters: 6-figure pensions on rise," News, June 13].

While employees should certainly be paid for overtime, who says we must continue to allow that extra salary to be factored into one's pension? The so-called reforms of Tier Six were a cop-out, because they applied only to incoming employees, meaning we will continue to see these unsustainable pensions for decades to come.

Where is the hero state legislator who will champion the cause to eliminate overtime from pension calculations for existing employees as well?

Steve Levy, Hauppauge

Editor's note: The writer is the former Suffolk County executive.

It is impossible to place a value on the services provided by our police and firefighters. They have chosen careers that require great sacrifice so that the rest of us may live securely and safely. Therefore, any debate regarding their pensions cannot question their worth. They are worth it.

Unfortunately, a system that awards an annual retirement income (plus other benefits) that is greater than the annual income earned during most of their employment is unsustainable, especially as we enjoy longer lives.

A commitment was made. To honor it as written, however, could place the rest of us in financial jeopardy, leaving no one to keep the promise.

There are a number of solutions to the problem, all of which require adjusting the defined benefits of the lower-tier pensions. We must do this for the many, as we ask for another sacrifice from the few.

Edward Weinert, Melville


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