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Good Morning

Letters: Aid package for Ukraine is 'silly'

Is it just me or does anyone else find it unfathomable that our government "leaders" are discussing a $1 billion aid package for the Ukrainians? ["Putin takes a step back from brink," News, March 5]

I must have been at work trying to earn enough to pay the staggering federal taxes I owe when they phoned asking for my approval. These same leaders increase our taxes yet easily spend our tax dollars to fund silly endeavors like this. I guarantee half the money will find its way into Russian President Vladimir Putin's pocket anyway.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to vote every congressional official out of office, every election cycle, until they figure out that they work for us.

Timothy Consiglio, Hauppauge

To all the folks who are complaining that President Barack Obama is weak, doesn't know how to lead and is losing to President Vladimir Putin, where were your complaints when George W. Bush did absolutely nothing to help the Georgians, when their country was invaded by Russia in 2008?

What would you like Obama to do? Go to war against the Russians?

It's entirely possible that there isn't any good course of action here.

Simply complaining is no help and undermines the credibility of our government.

Peter Larkin, Bayside

Overuse of water and plastic bottles

I read with interest Lane Filler's column on water use on Long Island ["Remember the days of lawn sprinklers?" Opinion, March 5].

I have been troubled by irresponsible water use, especially the mindless disregard of an automated sprinkler system watering lawns days after and often during rain storms.

It is irresponsible that on grocery store shelves everywhere there are dozens of plastic bottles of liquid laundry detergent and lack of availability of powdered detergent. Cardboard boxes are eco friendly!

Joan Nickeson, Terryville