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LETTERS: Alito, cadaver photo and more

Alito's reaction was justified . . .

Good for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito . What a delight it was to see him react to a ridiculous statement President Barack Obama made in the State of the Union speech. This president does not get it. Who does he think he is to go after the Supreme Court from his bully pulpit - and to not check his facts before doing so? Instead of attacking a decision by the Supreme Court, Obama should invest his energies toward putting the 10 percent of the nation who are unemployed and want to work back on a payroll.

Kevin B. Kamen


. . . but let's skip the jack-in-the-boxes

I was very interested to listen to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech. However, I was forced to turn it off after hearing only a quarter of it and decided to read it instead. Every president, before speaking, should make an announcement to hold all applause until after the speech. Watching the jack-in-the-boxes sitting behind the president, jumping up for a standing ovation after each sentence, became so annoying that I had to stop watching.

Roman Badiak

East Williston

Terminate resident for cadaver photo

"Stupid and infantile" is just the beginning of my feeling concerning Dr. Erica Katz, the medical resident at Stony Brook University Medical Center who childishly published a photo of a cadaver .

As a person who has made the decision to donate my remains to a teaching medical center, I am appalled. As a lifelong resident of eastern Long Island, Stony Brook had been my choice for this valuable educational donation; it no longer is my first choice.

The only choice Peter Williams, vice dean for academic affairs, and Dr. Richard Fine, dean of the medical school, have to redeem the medical center in the eyes of potential donors like myself is the immediate termination of Katz from her residency program. She knew what she was doing was wrong and she did it anyway; this is not the person I want for a medical professional.

Bruce A. King

Hampton Bays

Independents won't be won back

President Barack Obama has consistently violated a litany of campaign promises he made; for this reason he will not win back independent voters . The issue that most clearly exposed the president's duplicity has been his campaign pledge to support live coverage on C-Span of the health care debate. After being elected, he ignored this pledge.

Thomas E. Dennelly