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Good Afternoon

Letters: Alternative energy meets skepticism

Workers cover an expansion joint in the roof

Workers cover an expansion joint in the roof of the Maj. Gen. Emmett J. Bean Federal Center in the northeast Indianapolis area of Lawrence, Ind., on March 31, 2011. Credit: AP

The news story "New rule for eagles, energy" [Dec. 7] states, "These examples highlight Obama's willingness to accept environmental trade-offs -- pollution, loss of conservation land and the deaths of eagles -- in hopes that green energy will help fight climate change."

This statement is naive or ingenuous at best. This is clearly a yielding to the wishes of the wind energy industry, forever a niche that will never produce more than 1 percent of our energy needs. It is clearly being done without much thought, at the request of friends in the industry who are making profits as long as the game lasts and are generously contributing to the party that supports them.

A parallel can be drawn to most so-called green industries, with ethanol the most egregious example.

If the fossil fuel industry did as much as kill a few rodents, the Justice Department would be all over it.

Bernard Kram, Plainview

The writer of "Green technology isn't reliable" [Letters, Dec. 6] needs to school up on our village's present and future. We invite him to visit our Lynbrook home, powered by our 5-kilowatt solar array, and to take a spin in the 100 percent electric Nissan Leaf plugged in out front.

Then we can show him the refund we get from the Long Island Power Authority every year. Imagine this on a larger scale. Despite his assertion, alternative energy is hardly "stupidity."

Daryl Altman

Rob Shepard