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Letters: Appraisers could help fix Nassau

The Nassau County Assessor's office in Mineola.

The Nassau County Assessor's office in Mineola. Credit: Charles Eckert

Nassau County's property assessment system is undeniably broken, but the opinion expressed in "Feeling pain of local taxes" [Letters, Nov. 3] -- that only local commercial real estate brokers can correct the assessment system -- is wrong.

Many commercial brokers may have a good understanding of aspects of the commercial market, but have made their livings advocating or selling property on behalf of property owners.

Real estate appraisers, on the other hand, have many years of appraisal education and training that provide them with the professional skills needed to develop objective, unbiased market value estimates.

Broker price opinions are restricted or banned in many states, although not yet in New York. Many abuses have been documented, such as lowballing an estimate of value of a foreclosed property to quickly sell it when the anticipated listing is obtained.

A real estate broker who takes the time to become a certified real estate appraiser could be part of the solution to fixing the mess that is Nassau County's assessment system.

Bill Collins, Bellmore

Editor's note: The writer is president of Appraiser Help Inc., a service that matches property owners with appraisers.