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LETTERS: Bank bonuses, taxing alcohol, and more

Banks need bonuses to keep this talent?

The banking industry claims they need to pay out big bonuses to retain talent . Is this the same talent that recently admitted before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that they "underestimated the severity of the 2008 financial crisis"? Is one of the members of that talented team Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, who said, "We just missed that home prices don't go up forever"? An elementary school graduate could tell you that home prices do not go up forever.

Tom Vespo



'No' wasn't popular, but it was necessary

It appears the writer of a recent letter doesn't like the word no . It's not a favorite word of mine either, however I'm forced to say it a few times a day.

Perhaps he doesn't care about fiscal responsibility, and sees exorbitant spending as a normal way of life. I guess he's happy with reductions in state aid, constant funding of failed services, and ever-rising taxes. Maybe he's lucky enough not to have to worry, or say no. If that's the case, maybe he can help me pay my share.

John Betke



For healthier lifestyle, boost tax on alcohol

Why is Gov. David A. Paterson planning to raise taxes on cigarettes and soda ? Why not increase the tax on alcohol? If the governor is concerned about residents adopting a healthier lifestyle, he would increase taxes on alcohol. That would more than likely lessen alcohol consumption (as it did for tobacco) and possibly slow the epidemic of DWIs in our state.

Carol Lanzilotta

Valley Stream


Pick-ups would aid disposal of toxins

How about an easier way to rid ourselves of toxic waste too? Now, we are required to bring items to designated places, a practice that is not always possible. Instead, we store them in our homes or worse yet, dispose of them in our garbage, with the result of polluting the environment.

If towns could arrange for a special collection of these toxins, even if we had to pay for it, many of us would be willing to do so. We will pay now or pay later, in the form of future pollution.

Mary Ann Coyne



Support for challenge to MTA payroll tax

As a small businessman, I applaud and support William Schoolman in his effort to challenge the MTA payroll tax . As the owner of a private pre-school, I object to paying taxes to fund universal pre-school. I think the government should allow the private sector to fill the needs of the people. After all, when was the last time the government ran a program efficiently? If you want to help the nation recover, let the small businessmen and women do what they do best: Run their companies.

Pete Schroff