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Letters: Barack Obama is no friend of Israel

President Barack Obama speaks to Israeli students at

President Barack Obama speaks to Israeli students at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, Israel, on March 21, 2013. Credit: Getty Images

The Obama administration in its final weeks has sealed its legacy of being the most anti-Israel and pro-Iran U.S. administration in recent memory [“The U.S.-Israel divide,” News, Dec. 29].

The recent censure of Israel’s settlements by the Security Council of the United Nations — a world body I believe to be disproportionately and obsessively focused on Israel — will accomplish nothing constructive. It will only embolden the Palestinians to engage in more unrealistic demands and force Israel to dig in its heels and further defend, expand and potentially annex its settlements.

Ron Weiss, St. James


For anyone who bought into the delusion that President Barack Obama was a friend of Israel, your eyes should now be open. He had the power to veto a resolution barring Israel from building settlements, and his administration refused to do so.

I thank God that soon we will have a president who is actually a friend to Israel. I also thank God that Israel has a strong leader who will pay no attention to this ridiculous resolution.

I hope that the United States kicks the United Nations out of our country. Hopefully, we will also immediately halt all funding to the United Nations.

Roger Gilmore, Westbury


Does the ever-pro-Arab President Barack Obama now propose giving Texas back to Mexico? Or should we give all of the land taken by force from American Indians back to them?

Israel won the land in question from Arab aggressors, who initiated the conflicts and were seeking to destroy the State of Israel. There should be one fair standard for all and less hypocrisy.

Howard Mandell, East Northport