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Letters: Battle over Susan Rice for State Dept.

Susan Rice, Ambassador to the U.N., appears on

Susan Rice, Ambassador to the U.N., appears on CBS's "Face The Nation" in Washington, DC. She commented on the attacks in Benghazi and other activity in the Middle East. (Sept. 16, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

I don't know about anybody else, but it angers me that the Republicans in the House of Representatives have come out in force against UN Ambassador Susan Rice being nominated as secretary of state to replace Hillary Clinton ["GOP: Rice unfit for State Dept," News, Nov. 20].

Personally, I do not care whom the president nominates, as long as he or she is competent and has the experience to serve. My anger now is against the Republicans, but when we had a Republican president, the Democrats provided similar obstruction, which is wrong.

The Republican complaint is that Rice deceived Congress and did not tell the truth. That is something that every member of Congress does to suit his or her own purposes.

The main problem is that we do not have any Americans serving in Congress. The people who sit in Congress belong to the country of either Republicanism or Democratism. There are very few free thinkers who put the country first. With that partisan thinking we will never achieve the greatness that we deserve.

Roger Kaufmann, East Northport

The question in the Benghazi affair is: Why was UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, designated to speak for the administration on Sunday TV shows on Sept. 16?

Speculation suggests that Clinton did not want to perpetuate what she knew to be falsehoods. It was conscience and self-preservation, not fatigue, that caused Clinton to distance herself from this latest bamboozle.

Robert Capraro, Oakland Gardens

While commentator Trudy Rubin makes some valid points, she should not gloss over the Benghazi issue ["Libya uproar clouds Rice's real faults," Opinion, Nov. 30].

Rice has a lot to answer for, including her role in 1998, when she was head of the African region for the State Department, and the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were simultaneously attacked with car bombs.

Regarding Benghazi, what Rice did, with full knowledge, since she has access to intelligence, was go out and lie to the American people, I imagine to protect President Barack Obama during his re-election campaign.

Jennifer Zahn, Westbury