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LETTERS: Beach vehicles can help save lives; compensating delayed passengers

The roar of engines can help save lives

The writer of "Ah, to hear the waves roar - not the engines" describes her annoyance at the amount of motorized lifeguard and police patrols at Robert Moses State Park. She reminisces about the days when her husband, as a boy, used to take the ferry to the park and things were different.

Times have changed, and our parks have also changed. The State Park Police are doing the very best they can with a depleted force that must cover large expanses with an ever-decreasing number of officers, so motorized patrol is an absolute necessity. I simply cannot believe that she complained about two park police officers "stopping to roust swimmers from the water beyond the green-flagged swimming area." Lifeguards utilizing motorized patrols on the beach not only keep a watchful eye on those in the swimming area, they also have to continually remove patrons from the unprotected areas beyond the flags. They also respond to emergencies far from their appointed posts.

The lifeguards in our state parks are well-trained, experienced, professional and physically fit, however anyone who is going to fight a rough surf to save someone's life will be less efficient after first running a mile carrying equipment.

Thomas F. Duignan

West Islip

Editor's note: The writer is secretary of the Long Island State Park Police Benevolent Association.

Delayed passengers deserve payment

According to "Airlines record big drop in delays on tarmac" , the fine imposed on the airlines could add up to $27,500 per passenger. Does the government get all that money?

What's in it for the people who suffered delays and were made uncomfortable? Will they get anything from this for their inconvenience?

John Liba


Illegal is illegal

Immigration advocates say that the government spends too much time pursuing the deportation of lower-level criminals or noncriminals .

I thought illegal entry into this country is breaking the law. What difference does it make if you are a criminal or not if you are here illegally and should be deported?

Thomas Navaretta, Jr.

Port Jefferson Station

A welcome read

How pleasant to read the cover story "Meet His Angels" , about the two men who saved the life of Michael Lodespoto, who had fainted at a subway station.

I enjoyed every word of this story. Feel-good news has value, too. Many people feed off of negativity and tragic stories, but our news media does not often enough give us a healthy balance to also breathe in positive events happening on Long Island and around the world.

Patricia Bretscher