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Letters: Boston terrorists, FBI and guns

Heavily armed police officers perform a house-to-house search

Heavily armed police officers perform a house-to-house search in Watertown, Mass., for the surviving suspect in the Boston bombing. (April 19, 2013) Credit: AP

It appears that two years ago we were informed by a foreign government that one of the Boston bombers was a terrorist ["Boston bombing suspect answering questions," News, April 22]. This information didn't come from a guy on an ice cream truck.

He went to Russia for six months after that. What was he doing there? You would think someone from the FBI would have been assigned to watch this guy's every move and track his credit card purchases and such.

It would be a terrible shame if someone dropped the ball on this one and the carnage could have been prevented.

Nelson Osa, Seaford

With all the debate on gun control at the state and federal levels, my question is exactly which of the laws under consideration at any level would have prevented the horrors of Boston? Which of the draconian laws passed in New York, Connecticut, Maryland or Colorado will prevent the same things from happening in any of those states?

When will the various levels of government focus on the bad guys, the terrorists and those with mental issues rather than law-abiding people?

Perhaps if the powers that be took the time to read over the Constitution and re-evaluate their oath to protect and uphold it, we could make some inroads on stopping gun crime and not gun ownership. Unless, of course, that is their plan.

John Savin, Massapequa