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LETTERS: Brentwood, school budgets and more


Stop bashing Brentwood


I have been very upset by all the recent news in the paper bashing Brentwood. My husband and I have been living here for 43 years. Our two children graduated from Brentwood High. My son is a software engineer and my daughter is an English teacher who worked at Brentwood High School and is now raising our young grandchildren, also in Brentwood schools.

I would like people to realize that Brentwood is not a terrible place to live. There are hardworking and family-loving people living here. Brentwood is like any other community; there are bad points and good points, but why dwell only on the bad, when there is so much good here?

Gerry Carter




TR's 'conquests'


I am repulsed by the recent article about Theodore Roosevelt's African safari . What gave this man, or any man, the right to travel tens of thousands of miles just to murder creatures in their own habitat? Seeing him standing over magnificent animals that he killed, acting like a hero, is disgusting.

Robert Nielsen




Districts can still cut, despite deceptive bill


Newsday's editorial "Austerity gets more bogus" correctly highlights the deceptive bill just passed by our state senators, altering the ground rules governing the amount by which a defeated school budget can increase. For the first time ever, the effect of the existing law is to require a defeated budget to be lower than the current budget. So our senators, putting teacher union interests above taxpayers, deceptively passed a bill allowing defeated budgets to increase by 3 percent. Hopefully, the Assembly will not pass this bill.

The editorial points out that individual teachers' salaries cannot be affected by a defeated budget. But the total salaries paid can be changed by lowering the number of employees. School boards often cut buses, sports and art programs to "punish" parents for not voting for their big budgets. Instead, boards can retain these programs and cut costs by simply increasing average class sizes.

Frank J. Russo Jr.

Port Washington

Editor's note: The writer is on the executive committee of Long Islanders for Educational Reform.



Legislators' 'rescue' was their own fault


So the same legislators who can't get it together to develop a workable budget for the state are able - in one day - to put together legislation to require refunding taxes within 30 days . Instead of blaming the governor for delaying refunds, legislators should point the finger at themselves for allowing state finances to weaken while they took no initiative to act.

Philip Cicciari



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