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Letters: Brookhaven snow plow service poor

New York State Department of Transportation trucks clearing

New York State Department of Transportation trucks clearing the Long Island Expressway as seen looking west from the Route 25 overpass. (Feb. 10, 2013). Credit: John Roca

I was flooded out of my home in West Babylon by Sandy. Until my home is fully repaired, I am staying with family in Farmingville, which is in Brookhaven Town.

I used to complain about the Town of Babylon, but now I am witnessing the total ineptitude of the Town of Brookhaven. No one is clearing roads so ordinary citizens can get out of their homes.

Is it lack of funds, political wrangling or just plain poor management? It will be interesting to see how they spin this one.

John F. Muldoon, West Babylon

As a resident of Brookhaven, I am highly disappointed in the cleanup after this winter storm. I am a nurse. The leadership of Brookhaven left whole communities unreachable and inaccessible for more than 36 hours. There was no way in or out of local neighborhoods in an emergency.

My elderly parents and their neighbors were left hostage in their homes without a path for ambulance, police or fire crews to get to them had they needed assistance. It was only on Sunday afternoon that someone from the town came through to make a path.

I understand it is a priority of the town to clean up and clear all the major roadways, such as the Long Island Expressway and Route 347. However, where is the concern for the people who live in smaller neighborhoods?

Why were plows not deployed to neighborhoods to perform at least one round of plowing to make them reachable in an emergency?

Jennifer Salvietti, Centereach

I was wondering if you are aware of the laxity of the Town of Brookhaven in snow plowing.

Town officials called to tell us to stay home, which we did Friday, Saturday and even most of Sunday. As of Sunday,, it appears not much has been done.

Joe Sgroi, Sound Beach