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LETTERS: Cairo at OTB, health care and more


Support for Cairo as OTB choice


As a thoroughbred owner and breeder, I am pleased to weigh in on Joe Cairo's selection to head OTB .

The best way to improve the bottom line at OTB is by offering the product in such a manner as to attract and retain the betting public. Cairo is a proven leader with a skill set that will enable him to improve the delivery of services at OTB while increasing revenues for Nassau County. He will listen to those who know the industry and improve the bottom line for us all.

Roger C. Bogsted




Neither health plan avoids third parties


According to the Republicans, the only ones who should be involved in decision-making for your health should be you and your doctor. They go on to say that the Democrats would have a bureaucrat involved in the decisions. They fail to mention that as decision-making now stands, there is a third party, the insurance company, whose first obligation is to its shareholders. For health decisions to truly be between a patient and a doctor, then all third party influences should be removed. This can only happen if you pay for your health care out of your own pocket. Lots of luck!

Charles J. Catalano

East Islip



Physical bullying only part of the picture


It is encouraging to see the reported decrease in physical bullying .

But let's not be lulled into a false sense of security. At the same time that there might be less physical abuse, we are seeing more insidious forms of bullying - the taunting, teasing and verbal violence that can go on in a classroom under the radar of adults, or at home in front of a computer.

Preventing bullying in all its forms will take the active participation of children, parents, educators and the community to work together to transform our culture of meanness to one that values kindness, respect and civility.

Alane Fagin


Editor's note: The writer is executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services.



Don't shed any tears for those fish


I am responding to a recent letter as a fisherman and a human being at the top of the food chain who needs to eat protein to survive. I also am educated in neuroscience at the doctoral level. While fish may exhibit a reflexive response to stimulus, they lack the neurological development to "feel" anything, much less a complex emotion such as a pain response. But they can be wasted by inefficient fishing practices, and I support conservation efforts to preserve this resource for future generations.

Desi M. Menendez


Editor's note: The writer is a chiropractor.


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