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LETTERS: Care for veterans, greed in baseball

Put VA hospital on Calverton land

I'm 95 years old, too old to carry the ball. But I must talk about things I know are important to all the veterans on Long Island.

I have tried to get veterans involved in getting a much-needed veterans hospital on the government land in Calverton. I have received a letter from Sean Walter, supervisor of Riverhead, who agrees that a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital at the site would be appropriate. He says that he will discuss the idea with federal officials if they are interested in pursuing it.

I've also been in contact with Sen. Charles Schumer and my good friend State Sen. Kenneth LaValle (R-Port Jefferson).

All that land in Calverton was U.S. government land given to the Town of Riverhead for $1 when given up by Grumman Corp. I'm too old, and it's a hardship for vets from out East to get to the veterans hospital in Northport. Veterans Affairs would not have to buy land, just get money from Washington and Albany for the hospital.

There are hundreds of veterans organizations in Suffolk and Nassau. I have tried to gain their support, but it's frustrating that with so many members, they have done nothing.

We need to have a discussion about the Calverton land before the developers get it all.

Ralph Cafiero


Need for VA growing

I have had the pleasure of helping our veterans and their families through the Touro Law Center veterans rights clinic. Through my research on issues affecting veterans today, I understand the battles our heroes went through abroad and the struggle they go through when they return home.

This struggle is primarily experienced through the bureaucratic sludge of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thankfully, the agency's budget has increased for the upcoming year, but the rise in claims and expected withdrawal of troops within the next year means the budget will fall short. Last year alone, the VA received an unprecedented 1 million claims.

The VA is not a problem that the government should throw money at. Rather, its efficiency and technological advancement are crucial to best serving those who have served.

Salaam Bhatti

Bay Shore

Baseball = cash

Reading the details of the latest round of Yankee contract negotiations is sickening ["Eye on the market," Sports, Nov. 7].

Baseball is no longer a sport. It is big business at its greediest, with no respect for the ticket holders. I don't know how rabid a fan you have to be to stand behind the demands of most of these players, but I do know that if you make $10 million a year, you do not need a raise.

Carrie Goren