Columnist Cathy Young says that former President Jimmy Carter has "crossed the line into absurdity" in his new crusade for women's rights ["Carter peddles misguided message," Opinion, April 1].

In his new book, Carter mentions some instances of unequal pay here in America in the same breath as female infanticide and outright brutality against women in the Third World. Young describes this moral equivalency as "ridiculous."

There are many more areas where Jimmy Carter's positions and platitudes cross the line into absurdity. For example, he has claimed that Palestinians in Gaza are being starved to death.

I wonder why we even care about Jimmy Carter. He was one of the worst presidents in our history.

Wallace Gottlieb, Cedarhurst

Apparently, Cathy Young doesn't like the West included in accusations of mistreating women. Let's see, who is trying to reverse Roe vs. Wade?

Young has some nerve insinuating that some "sexual assaults" are drunken acts involving shared responsibility. Has she never heard of date-rape drugs? Somewhere between 50 percent to 80 percent of rapes are never reported, and the conviction rate is about 25 percent. That means very few rapists go to jail.

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In medicine, the malpractice rates went up so much that many obstetricians stopped delivering babies. This threatens women's health.

Maybe Young can't handle the truth, or maybe she is just very insensitive.

Alan Perlmutter, Oceanside