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LETTERS: Cavalier over LeBron news, support for soldier and more

Feeling cavalier about full-court press

What's all the fuss with the LeBron James signing ?

With all the concerns and problems facing this country - the economy, terrorism, unemployment, drunken driving, drugs etc., etc., - this is what gets people concerned? He's just another athlete making an exorbitant amount of money!

Joseph Fasano, Massapequa Park

Soldier deserves reward, not prison

Army Spc. Bradley Manning is being detained for releasing a video of an American gunner crew on an Apache helicopter shooting at innocent Iraqi men and laughing about it ?

This brave young man is facing 52 years in prison when he should be rewarded and commended for upholding the values we purport to be fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Innocent men were killed; apparently for sport. This is contrary and abhorrent to the very constitutional ideals this country was founded upon. Spc. Manning bucked a strong culture of secrecy to get this information out to the public. It is the members of the gunner crew who should be detained and punished, and perhaps provided psychological therapy for how war has twisted their judgment and values. They should in no way be allowed to represent our country.

I respect and honor those who volunteer to fight and protect our country. I would like to believe they also protect American values and ideals.

What moral ground do we have to stand on if this incident is accepted and covered up?

Linda J. Robertson, West Hempstead

Sad day in Brentwood over chief's ouster

What a shame and what a sad day for the students and residents of Brentwood . The primary purpose of schools is to educate children, but it is obvious that such a mission is not of great importance to the board of education trustees in the Brentwood School District. Why would you throw out someone who is working well and getting the results sought?

Dee Somerville, Dix Hills

Editor's note: The letter writer is a retired teacher.

Little sympathy for convicted killer

I question the priorities of the Rev. Dwight Wolter, who has asked his friends and church members for donations for Jeffrey Conroy, in prison for the murder of Marcelo Lucero .

It's hard to believe he can't find more worthy cases needing financial help. Conroy receives shelter, food and medical care and has the opportunity to earn money for extras.

Dick Nagle, Oakdale


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