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LETTERS: Census, Dems, VFW and more


Census 'warning' was unnecessary


I received a letter this week informing me that I would be getting a Census form in the mail. In addition to spending money on a Super Bowl ad and in other media telling us the same thing, I am wondering how much this is costing us, the taxpayer?

I know the postal service is losing money, but do we really have to support them by these needless mailings to every U.S. household? How much money was spent in postage to tell us what we already know?

Maia Gaiti




Article gave Dems credit for GOP effort


Newsday's left-leaning slant continues unabated. A recent article asserts, "The House amended the measure yesterday to conform with so-called pay-as-you-go budget rules that have become an article of faith among moderate Democrats."

Conveniently missing is the fact that the original version of the bill disregarded the Democrats' own recently enacted pay-go rules entirely. The bill was only amended after heavily condemned Republican Sen. Jim Bunning held up action until this hypocritical discrepancy was corrected.

Matt Stahl




VFW welcomes aid to maintain halls


I would like to thank Rep. Tim Bishop for his proposed legislation to help local veteran organizations repair and maintain their meeting places . For too long, Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion Posts have been assumed to be places where "a bunch of old guys meet to drink and tell war stories." Nothing could be further from the truth.

VFW and American Legion Halls are used for both service to veterans and their local communities. It is not unusual for a civic organization, elected official, active duty service unit, scouting organization or the VA to request the use of a post hall. As our buildings (and we) age, we welcome any assistance that Bishop's legislation would provide.

William G. Walden


Editor's note: The writer is commander, Hicksville Veterans of Foreign Wars.



Come on, Congress! Learn to multitask


Can these people in Congress even walk and chew gum at the same time? I am tired of reporters complaining about President Barack Obama pushing for health insurance reform instead of a jobs bill. For the money they make, Congress members should be able to do more than one thing at a time. If they are too incompetent to work on several issues at once, they don't belong there.

All of the mothers I know can make dinner, help the kids with their homework and check something on the Internet, while ironing their husband's shirt.

We ought to vote them all out of office. There are plenty of smart, unemployed multitaskers out here who could do a much better job.

Sandy Dalsas



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