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Letters: Chopper noise worst this summer

Helicopters sit on the tarmac at East Hampton

Helicopters sit on the tarmac at East Hampton Town Airport in Wainscott, Aug. 6, 2014. Credit: Gordon M. Grant

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell and the town board recently got an earful from more than 300 people, including many East End town and village officials ["Sound off about helicopters," News, Aug. 28]. They presented resolutions imploring East Hampton to run its airport without Federal Aviation Administration funding, and to limit access in order to control noise.

This was once a small, rural, recreational airport, but is now a regional airport and a regional problem. Many thousands of East End residents suffer terrible impacts of noise generated by helicopters and other aircraft, and this summer has been the worst ever. Crowdsourcing apps connect air travelers to help more people afford the flights.

Aviation interests, intent on indiscriminate use of East Hampton airport for profit and amusement, threaten lawsuits to prohibit the town from exerting its legal right as the airport's owner to impose reasonable access limits. Such limits are the only true noise abatement solution.

The people have spoken. The airport needs to be run for the benefit of all residents, not just a privileged few.

Kathleen Cunningham, East Hampton

Editor's note: The writer is the chairwoman of the Quiet Skies Coalition, a local advocacy group.

I was pleased to read the letter from a Carle Place resident saying that politicians pay more attention to aircraft noise on the East End than in mid-Nassau County ["More attention for East Enders' noise," Aug. 24]. But he left out a lot of towns: Garden City, New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Bellerose, etc.

All week long, my street sounds like a battlefield. The helicopters are so loud and fly so low, I get white caps in my coffee cup.

The noise must stop. Let the rich take a taxi.

Bob Geer, Floral Park