Column on Playboy seriously insensitive

We were appalled by Lane Filler's column concerning Playboy magazine ["Playboy's odd return to innocence," Opinion, Oct. 14].

It was bad enough to read about Filler's adolescent adventures concerning the exploitation of women through these trashy magazines, but to stoop to mocking women who cannot hear or speak shows absolutely no integrity or respect for these members of our society.

It's sad that Filler's insensitivity toward this disabled group was expressed in such a crude and demeaning fashion.

We hope that the Helen Keller Foundation and other worthy organizations will also express their offense to these crude comments.

John and Marjorie Ricciardi, East Moriches

I'm sure Lane Filler's opinion regarding Playboy's return to innocence holds significant passion for the universe of men out there who grew up on Playboy in their formative years.

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However, the statement, "I want a Ferrari and a hot deaf mute chick whose turn-ons include me," is by far one of the most disturbing comments I've seen in print.

How dare he as a writer and member of Newsday's editorial board provide such an insensitive statement against women, let alone women who have disabilities? His comments are sexist and derogatory to all women.

The statement did nothing to enhance the column. I will certainly not be inclined to read an article written by him again.

Beth Delli-Pizzi, West Islip