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LETTERS: Comptroller focus, anti-incumbent sentiment and more

Who's the victim?

Raymond "Ready" Martinez shot at police officers with a MAC-10 automatic weapon on Broadway in Times Square in broad daylight, but instead of focusing on the return of thugs and criminals to the streets or the heroic actions of Police Officer Christopher Newsom, Newsday seeks to make Martinez a sympathetic victim ["Remembered as a hip-hop dreamer," News, Dec. 12]. Even his past crimes, including assault and an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct, were defined as "infractions with the law."

Joseph Carola

PlainviewThe comptroller's proper focus

Newsday's editorial board is disappointed that the new comptroller will not follow his predecessor's lead in monitoring Nassau's special districts ["Nassau's new comptroller," Editorial, Dec. 11]. It's too bad that Howard Weitzman didn't do his job and monitor the county's finances instead of the special districts'. The new comptroller's "skilled predecessor" is leaving the county in a fiscal mess.

The new comptroller is right to focus on the assessment system. It's more important and urgent than saving the average resident $200 a year by consolidating districts. Why didn't Weitzman audit the assessment department and offer solutions to fix the myriad problems with it, so that the county could save $100 million a year instead?

Thomas Albanese

Valley StreamEditor's note: The writer worked in the Nassau County Comptroller's Office from 1995-2001 and currently works for the Nassau County Department of Assessment.

More anti-incumbent sentiment, please

Long Islanders constantly complain about taxes, our exorbitant cost of living, outrageous public pensions, utility costs, and layers and layers of government. Yet the people responsible for this mess, our elected officials, keep getting re-elected. It seems on Long Island that if you win one election you are then tenured for a lifetime position.

It doesn't matter if they are Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative - let's vote out every incumbent and elect every challenger next year. Can it get any worse?

Stuart J. Pastrich

Dix HillsIt doesn't add up

Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama stated that al-Qaida was still a danger and, thus, he was going to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan at a cost of $30 billion. Now the Department of Homeland Security has cut by about $55 million funding for counterterrorism efforts that protect the city's mass transit system and ports. Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Peter King are correct to criticize ["Schumer, King knock cuts in counterterrorism funds," News, Dec. 13]. If terrorism is still the threat that the president says it is, then this is simply penny-wise and pound-foolish. If it isn't, then we shouldn't be sending additional troops to Afghanistan.

Tony Korec