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Letters: Concern about school tax hikes

Bellport residents vote during the school board elections

Bellport residents vote during the school board elections at Bellport Middle School in Bellport. (May 15, 2012) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

I am shocked that while other districts are proposing school budget increases of roughly 3 percent, Sachem is attempting to push through a 7.49 percent tax levy increase ["Spending's up," News, May 10].

Last year, residents voted to approve an increase above the state-mandated guidelines. Now, Sachem is attempting to more than double what the state allows. They must figure that the taxpayers will again vote for the huge increase in our taxes.

As a senior citizen who has paid for schools for more than 45 years, this will probably be the last straw, and I will have to leave my beloved Long Island because of these unbearable taxes. Folks on fixed incomes just can't handle any more huge tax increases. Sachem's scare tactics will probably raise fear and dread in parents who believe that the district will cut sports, kindergarten, buses, etc.

Sachem isn't going to do any of these threatened things.

Richard Stevenson, Holtsville

The preparation of school budgets is in full swing. If you pay attention, one common phrase is that the schools need to raise taxes because of teachers' rising pensions, salaries and health care costs.

This are the reasons we get every year, yet our politicians, school boards and others in charge do nothing. It is time to think outside the box and get these costs in check.

The manufacturing base no longer exists on Long Island, and the private sector can no longer support the public sector.

Syl G. DeFazio, Smithtown