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Letters: Concerned about agreement with Iran

An Iranian technician walks through the Uranium Conversion

An Iranian technician walks through the Uranium Conversion Facility just outside the city of Isfahan 255 miles (410 kilometers) south of the capital Tehran, Iran. Credit: AP, 2007

President Barack Obama's deal with Iran is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain's 1939 proclamation of peace in our time ["Iran may see European sanctions ease in weeks," News, Nov. 26].

This is the man who steadfastly looked America in the eye and told us that if we liked our health plan, we could keep it. This is the most desperate president in our history, dying for some kind of narrative change. He has made a deal with a tyrannical regime. And in this case, what Obama has done is codify the Iranian mullahs as a legitimate government.

Obama sold out Israel with this deal, and ultimately it will be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who will protect the world. The result could be war. Netanyahu has steadfastly and genuinely proclaimed that Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Another war in the Middle East initiated by a pre-emptive strike by Israel is tantamount to another step toward Armageddon.

Eugene R. Dunn, Medford

The agreement that Iran and six major powers reached regarding that country's nuclear program is a first step of many more. It is so critically important for all parties involved to make sure that the agreement is followed to the letter.

Israel and several Arab nations, as well as some lawmakers in Washington, remain dubious regarding any deal with Iran. Let's hope that things will begin to improve in that part of the world.

John Amato, Fresh Meadows