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Letters: Congress right to probe Benghazi

A Capitol Hill Police officer guards a staircase

A Capitol Hill Police officer guards a staircase near the hearing room where former CIA Director David Petraeus testified before the House Intelligence committee on the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Libya. (Nov. 16, 2012) Credit: AP

Bob Keeler's column, "Stop the reckless calls for impeachment" [Nov. 19], complains about the politicizing of the Benghazi terrorist murder of four Americans, yet tellingly does not use the word terrorist.

Calling CIA and intelligence failures "messing up" not only ignores more recent testimony that these agencies had it right immediately, but invites readers to ignore the strong possibility that the administration made up the story about the video to cover up any contradiction to claims of success in routing terrorism just before the national election.

Are requests for the truth to be dismissed as politicizing, in the same way that questions about a candidate are deflected by calling them racism? If the administration lied about the facts of this ambassador's murder, do Americans not have the moral right to examine written administrative communications?

The congressional search for the truth on behalf of the citizens they represent should be supported by professional journalism, not shut down.

Nancy Fetherston, Nissequogue

Columnist Bob Keeler and Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Roslyn Heights) have suggested that Republicans, especially the ones who are thinking about impeachment, are a bunch of hypocrites. They point to the Republican resistance to funding as the main culprit in the Benghazi tragedy; that is bogus. Their suggestion is to try to see that this type of thing never happens again, and move on.

Ackerman, other Democrats, Keeler and the mainstream media are the true hypocrites. They well know that if this were a Republican administration, they would be up in arms crying impeachment. It is unfair and destructive that Keeler and most of the media have been in the tank for a failed Obama administration. And when it further damages the nation, they and the many voters whom they influenced can share the blame.

Walter McCarthy, Massapequa