I'm not sure which unprofessional contractors the writer has hired, but I do offer some input from the other side of the situation ["Contractors, mind manners," IMHO, June 11].

While not in the general contracting business now, as a contractor, I made sure that my crew behaved, took care of their trash, picked up after themselves, and treated my clients and their homes with the utmost respect. Many people I have worked for are now longtime friends.

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I still deal with many general contractors who are out there trying to make a living. Many homeowners only go for the cheapest contractor. If you do that, you'll get what you pay for.

Bill Shultz, Coram

I have been in business for more than 20 years and am appalled by people's horror stories about contractors. Most of the time, these homeowners are so focused on getting the best price for the work they want done, they don't pay attention to all the details.

We always clean up after we are finished for the day, and we always refuse lunch. There are still professional contractors out there.

Charles Manfredi, East Islip