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Letters: Councilman action's burdened Glen Cove

Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello was the only

Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello was the only GOP primary candidate to attend a debate Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015, at the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center. Republican challenger Anthony Gallo has refused to debate Spinello before the primary because the mayor is an Independence Party member. Photo Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

Recent statements by Glen Cove Councilman Anthony Gallo and his cohort, council candidate Philip Pidot, are deceptive and misleading ["Negative fiscal report puts heat on Spinello," News, Sept. 25].

Using a recent state comptroller's report, Gallo attempted to sway voters to believing that the criticism in this report is the result of Mayor Reginald Spinello's fiscal mismanagement. Yet Gallo fails to mention the role he played in the adoption of the 2014 budget, which Spinello inherited from the prior administration.

Both Spinello, then a councilman, and Gallo voted against the 2014 budget. But Gallo wavered during the lame-duck period before Mayor-elect Spinello took office and voted to add jobs to an already imperfect 2014 budget. This vote by Gallo burdened Glen Cove's taxpayers with roughly $300,000 in additional costs.

Patricia Yeomans, Glen Cove

Editor's note: The writer is a Republican committeewoman working for Spinello's re-election campaign.