Legis. Thomas Barraga's "advice" to runners and bikers to stay off Suffolk roads is nothing short of absurd ["Biking is not to his liking," News, Feb. 14].

Runners and bikers are not fools; we are sensitive to the need to protect ourselves. However, we resent government officials trying to make decisions about what is good for us. We are responsible adults who can make our own decisions.

A public official such as Barraga should acquaint himself with our outstanding public recreational facilities and parks before consigning us to our basements and gyms.

Mike Polansky, Plainview

Editor's note: The writer is president of the Greater Long Island Running Club.

I can't help but agree with Legis. Thomas Barraga's statement regarding bicycles and motorcycles on our crowded roads. People should never feel it's OK to ride bikes on any of Long Island's busy roads. Pedaling a bicycle in heavy traffic is inviting the undertaker to an unplanned gathering.

Sonny Sciarrone, Miller Place

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Shame on this elected official for his insensitive letter to a young man who was defending his mom after she was seriously injured in a bike accident.

Suggesting that no one bike or run in Suffolk is idiotic. How about morons who ignore traffic regulations, run through stop signs and red lights, speed, pass stopped school buses, drive drunk, or while texting or talking on cellphones? If traffic laws were enforced, it would cut down on accidents.

This letter to a teen was a sad lesson in civics. I hope his spirit in contacting this legislator and others in government has not been dampened.

William Devlin, Rockville Centre