Regarding the letter writer who called the tea party a cancer within the political system ["Frustrated by gov't shutdown," Oct. 13], the real cancer is the progressive liberals who intend on running this country into bankruptcy.

This writer seems not to care whether her children and grandchildren will inherit a debt that cannot be repaid, resulting in a lower standard of living. I applaud the few who stand up for what they believe.

The real battle is between the financially responsible and financially irresponsible. We cannot defy the laws of economics into perpetuity.

We should not be creating a new entitlement in the form of Obamacare, when we are running a projected $845-billion deficit in 2013.

Most states already have programs for health insurance. The problem is that there are income limits on who may qualify. Why not build on what already exists, instead of creating a whole new layer of bureaucracy?

Thomas Haas, Massapequa

I never realized that the speaker of the House of Representatives was solely responsible for the complete operation of the government and that all means of negotiation rested on his shoulders.

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The media did their job of portraying the GOP as holding the only keys to ending the shutdown, and far too many people bought it.

The Democrats could have negotiated as well, but they chose to be just as stubborn. No one held them accountable.

Let's see how much President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will negotiate about our nation's fiscal future, as they said repeatedly during the manufactured crisis, now that the Republicans have zero to bargain with.

James Coll, Seaford