Is Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone kidding ["Payment deferral plan," News, Oct. 24]? Let's get police officers to defer compensation at today's wage rate for a higher rate at a later date?

This will boost their pensions. What a great way to balance the budget and delay the ultimate demise of the Suffolk County taxpayer.

Too bad comedian George Carlin isn't alive to use this as material for his stand-up. Thank God I live in Nassau County.

Robert Biancardi, Rockville Centre

Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone has come up with yet another plan to kick the can down the road ["Payment deferral plan," News, Oct. 24]. Rather than solving a problem, his plan to allow police officers to defer up to 150 hours of overtime and vacation pay until they retire just pushes the problem to another elected official. And it will actually cost more. Bellone has a mandate to balance the budget now, not dump the problem on someone else

Thomas Duignan, West Islip

Editor's note: The writer is a retired state park police officer.

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The article about County Executive Steve Bellone's plan had me laughing ["Payment deferral plan," News, Oct. 24]. Bellone must have been laughing also, since when the money would come due, he could be retired somewhere exotic -- along with some of our rich, retired police officers.

Bob Andreocci, Huntington