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Letters: Disagreement on Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pauses as she

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pauses as she speaks at a campaign event at Truckee Meadows Community College, in Reno, Nev., Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. Credit: AP

A letter claimed people will be “wasting” their votes to vote for a third-party candidate [“The ’16 election dilemma,” Aug. 14].

Another writer stated that these are “half a vote” for Donald Trump.

I would like to remind your readers that many people like me, although not smitten with Trump, will vote for him or a third-party candidate, simply because we believe that a candidate who is as morally and ethically challenged as Hillary Clinton represents no choice at all.

Clinton represents the worst of what the American political establishment has to offer. Trump may be a seriously flawed candidate, Jill Stein too liberal and Gov. Gary Johnson too libertarian, but I’m fully prepared to live with any of them rather than Clinton.

Chris Lindsley, Oceanside


The tenacity of the media with regard to Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco has surpassed all bounds of reason [“Strategy on emails: Stay mum,” News, Aug. 25].

The media and the Trump campaign will not let it go. I’m fed up with this continuing attack on a candidate’s honesty. Did Clinton err? Absolutely, but she has apologized for the deed, and yet the expectation appears to be that she should continue to address this issue as long as some malcontent wishes to dredge it up.

The Republican candidate has regularly offered statements, misstatements and outright lies.

Can we declare a moratorium on the email question? There are matters of far greater importance here.

Francis J. McLarney, Floral Park