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Letters: Disappointing Sandy storm response

A beachfront house is damaged in the aftermath

A beachfront house is damaged in the aftermath of yesterday's surge from superstorm Sandy in Coney Island's Sea Gate community. (Oct. 30, 2012) Credit: AP

Finally, after more than two months since our disaster occurred, Congress passed a relief bill far below the $60 billion that elected officials asked for ["$9B Sandy aid is the easiest," Editorial, Jan. 6].

The $9.7-billion relief will only help to cover the costs of those with flood insurance. The vote in the House of Representatives was 354-67. All 67 votes against the bill were Republican members of the House.

Even providing the basic relief to so many homeowners in need couldn't bring these Republicans to support the bill. Their disdain for the Northeast is very clear. They continue what appears to be their philosophy: They are Republicans first, and Americans second.

Richard T. DeVito, Long Beach

I am appalled at the vote by 67 Republicans in the House of Representatives against disaster assistance for the victims of Sandy. People in the Northeast who are victims of Sandy never hesitated to assist victims of other disasters in other parts of the country. This is an unspeakable shame and a blight on the GOP, and it will never be forgotten.

Mark Davis, Bellmore

More than two months after Sandy, we have not received a penny from the National Flood Insurance Program, which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency ["Spending cuts eyed to pay for Sandy aid," News, Jan. 11].

What is going on here? Free grants of $31,000 were in neighbors' bank accounts a few days after Sandy. It seems we are being penalized for being responsible and paying for flood insurance for 36 years. I wish we had a grant.

We have spent close to $50,000 so far to rebuild our flooded home, and we don't even live on the water! And yes, we contacted our agent immediately, and yes we filed all the papers in a timely fashion. Maybe someone can fill us in on what we did wrong. Oh, don't bother, I see now. We foolishly had flood insurance!

Karen Melius, Massapequa