In response to the letter about swans and Jet Skis, I would suggest that the problem isn't the swans -- it's the Jet Ski ["Aggressive swans ruin water sports," May 21]. I've been riding kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards with the swans out here, without incident, for decades.

I've often come within a few feet of them, even with their armadas of cygnets. Once I accidentally stumbled on a well-hidden nest with my paddleboard, and still no aggressive behavior.

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I'd hate to see the swans go. I really enjoy their elegant company on the water.

Randall Rosenthal, Springs

I live on the Great South Bay. Once in a while, I see one or two swans, and they are in the water and never bother anyone. They're a great addition to the landscape.

On the other hand, we are plagued with Canada geese. They are on everyone's property, fouling the lawns, driveways, streets and waterways. I cannot understand how the state can consider eliminating an attractive creature like the swan while completely ignoring the invasive geese.

Gerald Levine, East Islip