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Letters: Doggy dining's a bad idea

Bring your dog to the bar or cafe!

Bring your dog to the bar or cafe! It could be legal soon. Credit: Ambrose Hall

I have asthma and allergies to animals. Allowing dogs in outside dining areas of restaurants will be a problem for me and others like me ["Lawmakers OK dogs at restaurants," News, June 17].

Dog hair will stick to the clothing of servers and will be carried though the indoor area to the kitchen. It also could stick to napkins, tablecloths, etc., and be transferred inside.

Will there be a separate entrance at restaurants for indoor customers? Or will we have to pass by or through the outdoor doggy dining area?

If restaurants allow dogs, I will not be visiting those establishments. And how will outside patrons visit the bathrooms inside? Or will the restaurants have to build separate outdoor facilities? Too many problems with this idea.

Esther Beck, Coram

I don't want restaurants to allow all types of dogs at their establishments. In an age where people are becoming more self-centered and self-indulgent, we don't need to start catering to the whims of every demographic.

Recently, at a pizza place with outdoor dining, a woman sat with a group at a table nearby. She had one of those little dogs on a long leash. However, more than once, the dog came over to my table. The woman was slow to notice. In fact, she looked totally out of it. One of her companions had to point out that her dog was disturbing me.

The fact is, people are getting out of hand in libraries, on airplanes and in other public places. A lot of them can't even control their children or themselves. Now we want to allow dogs in restaurants, whether or not they are service dogs?

And what about all the laws regarding health codes in such places? This plan is a bad idea.

Estelle Edwards, Westhampton Beach