Let's face it, the First Amendment kills! It's not gun control we should be seeking, it's media control ["New bloodbath, same old debate," Opinion, Oct. 6].

It should be illegal to publish the name or photo of mass murderers, period. They get more airtime and publicity than the Kardashians! Give them the same anonymity they had for the rest of their lives, and I guarantee the United States wouldn't be the highest mass shooting range in the world.

You will never control guns. We need universal media cooperation for the sake of our country. It's not censorship, it sensible!

Lawrence Smith, Roslyn Harbor

Editor's note: The writer is an actor and producer.

It seems our great leaders haven't a clue as to any solution for curbing this outrageous, senseless killing.

As a person whose mind is not bogged down with so many worldly problems as our politicians -- one being how to consistently stay in power -- I believe the solution could be a national volunteer auxiliary undercover police. This corps could be made up of private citizens who offer their time and services at no cost, as some firefighters do.

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They could carry a concealed firearm to be used only if faced with a situation where the police are not available to stop a crime. Volunteers could go through stringent mental and physical tests to qualify.

Local police would still have first priority to handle a crime. But I believe there would be thousands who would be willing to give their time for such a fine cause.

Avey Shaw, Huntington Station