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Letters: Don't let knives, etc., on planes

New TSA Rules

New TSA Rules

Once again, one of our governmental agencies has, for whatever reason, found it necessary to make a decision that defies logic, common sense and intelligence ["Schumer: No knives on plane," News, March 11].

What makes the Transportation Security Administration think that a person's throat cannot be easily slit using a small knife? If the knife is sharp and accurately placed, it will most certainly do the job.

Ed Quinlan, New Hyde Park

Bravo to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) for his direct response to the recent ill-advised -- dare I say stupid -- decision by the TSA to allow small knives on passenger aircraft. Not only small knives, but small baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, ski poles, etc. I suppose it never occurred to them that would-be hijackers could use the above to threaten crew and passengers unless the pilots allowed them into the cockpit. Their jobs all of a sudden could get a lot more difficult, if not downright dangerous.

I know this firsthand, having been on a cross-country trip where there was an altercation with a passenger next to me. I was thankful then for the ban on all of the above.

Michael J. Moonitz, Massapequa