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Letters: Don’t neglect your right to vote

A voter passes a large sign before voting

A voter passes a large sign before voting in Minneapolis. Credit: AP

My wife’s late grandmother, Edith Slattery, used to tell us how excited she was in 1920 when, at age 22, she was permitted to vote in her first presidential election [“Polls show Trump losing ground among women voters,” News, Oct. 14]. Before then, women were not allowed to vote. She never missed a vote until her death at age 103.

Don’t take your right to vote for granted. The voting rights of women were won by the tears and sweat of those who fought for equality years ago. Don’t tarnish their achievement. Vote.

Michael Hinz, Mastic Beach


There is a way out of this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into [“Pols in trouble: Hard to hold on,” News, Oct. 23]. We can do something to put a stop to the corruption and deceit. A movement exists to pass local and federal anti-corruption acts. Model legislation is available at

Apathy is a reason we got here. State senators, State Assembly members, a county executive, a town supervisor, Republicans and Democrats have all been accused recently of corruption or convicted of abusing the public trust.

We left ourselves wide open by dismissing our civic responsibilities and ignoring our deteriorating political system. Voter turnout is near all-time lows.

Brendan Mahoney, Farmingdale