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Letters: Don't weaken gun rights

A handgun is used on the indoor firing

A handgun is used on the indoor firing range at the National Armory gun store in Pompano Beach, Florida. (April 11, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

My heart goes out to the surviving family members of the Newtown tragedy ["NRA group seeks to block gun law," News, April 17]. I know firsthand what it's like to lose a child. I lost my beautiful 15-year-old daughter due to a tragic accident.

I am a licensed handgun owner and will be forever a supporter of the National Rifle Association and my Second Amendment rights. For politicians to constantly parade the Newtown families in front of the media to push their gun-grabbing bills into law has nothing to do with what happened to loved ones on Dec. 14.

At the worst time in these families' lives, politicians are exploiting them.

Jim Spohrer, Freeport

The reality is that the mother of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter would pass any background check for her gun purchase. Her son, the shooter, entered the school with one assault rifle and two handguns.

A ban on assault rifles is not the solution. There is a hideous problem in our society, which creates people who will use explosives, guns or anything that will kill people. That is the problem we must solve.

I do not belong to the NRA, nor do I own a gun. The Second Amendment is not outdated. The early patriots of our country fought the tyranny of England's King George III with the "assault weapons" of that time. They then passed on the right to bear arms to future generations.

Today we question, is it really necessary? Ask the Jews who lived under the German Nazi government. Ask the Irish, and the patriots in Syria. We are sending them our best assault weapons now.

William Adams Littell, Moriches