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Letters: Piano salesman’s telling Trump experience

Donald Trump said the election was being

Donald Trump said the election was being "rigged" by the media at a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Regarding the letter “Piano salesman should blame self” [Oct. 7], the man who said he was cheated out of $30,000 by Donald Trump was a typical small-business owner scratching out a living in a niche business.

Of course he would believe that he would be paid by a well-known businessman. It’s a travesty that this money was allegedly stolen from him. Why should Trump get off scot-free if he broke a gentlemen’s agreement? What would he do when the stakes are higher and he has even greater power?

John Wolf, Levittown


I had to read the letter “Piano salesman should blame self” twice. It makes no sense.

Alleging that the piano store owner who was stiffed by Donald Trump was somehow at fault is the clearest example yet that Trump supporters live in a bizzaro world. This is an alternate reality where up is down, right is left, and the guy who doesn’t pay his bills is blameless if his name is Trump — and the man who says he got stiffed is the one to blame.

Perhaps the truest thing Trump has said is that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and he wouldn’t lose any votes. How sad.

Greg D’Alessandro, Northport


Donald Trump took $100,000 in pianos and allegedly paid only $70,000. Meanwhile, he says he has millions in assets.

I would sooner mortgage my house than to sleep with the thought of taking unpaid-for merchandise. This is the man we want as president?

Michael Goldberg, Melville


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