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Letters: DREAMers and NY student loans

Passing the state DREAM Act is not an

Passing the state DREAM Act is not an immigration issue -- it's an education issue. Credit: Tribune Media Services / Nancy Ohanian

Our taxes should contribute to our society's well-being, and helping underprivileged yet hardworking students become productive is part of that. The alternative is to prevent young, capable people like Destiny Thompson from escaping a life of lower wages than they could ever earn with a college education ["New York can help DREAMers like me," Opinion, April 29].

Not letting people in these situations receive aid for college would be counterproductive. However, our money should pay for our citizens. The DREAM Act -- short for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors -- could include a provision to require recipients to start down the path to citizenship while accepting this aid. This would be an all-around win.

Alison Krowiak, Seaford

After reading Destiny Thompson's article, I felt compelled to respond. My mother handed me this article and stated that she wanted me to read it, but only if I would write back to Newsday, so here goes . . .

I am the American dream! I was born and raised on Long Island in a middle-class Caucasian family. I believed in the American dream, so I tried hard and worked harder. I performed a lot of research while attending college trying to get different grants, but I didn't get anything. My family made just enough money so that I didn't qualify for public assistance and was forced to take out student loans.

I've lived on my own since I was 18 and provided for myself. Unfortunately, financial aid is based on your parents' income. This is something that needs to be corrected.

I am a licensed master of social work who can't work in my field because I wouldn't be able to repay my student loan debt on the salary. I've paid taxes all my life, and I am disgusted to read about an undocumented individual asking my state of New York for money, when I've done all the right things and can't catch a break.

Help Americans here legally live the American dream! I sure wish I could.

Victoria Murphy, Levittown