President Donald Trump has said that no one cares to see his tax returns except the media [“Trump won’t share tax returns,” News, Jan. 23].

Well, I care. I care that he still thinks he is campaigning and doesn’t respect his office. I believe that the majority of Americans care and must speak up.

Neil A. Rosenberg, Kings Park


I found a letter written by a reader about Democrats’ obstruction in Washington very amusing [“No more obstruction in Washington, D.C.,” Jan. 13].

If you changed “Chuck Schumer” to “Mitch McConnell” and Democrat to Republican, the letter would be saying exactly the same thing.

Paul Jacobs, Huntington

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I read the Op-Ed “Hard to defend what FBI chief did to Clinton” [Jan. 14] with absolute amazement. A more appropriate topic would have been: Hard to defend what FBI chief did FOR Hillary Clinton.

Whatever effect James Comey’s announcements may have had on the election results pale in comparison to what Comey did on Clinton’s behalf in July, twisting himself into a pretzel to avoid indicting her. If her name had been anything but Clinton, she would have been charged.

She should have been disqualified from running for president!

Gary Pokrassa, Roslyn Heights