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Letters: Endorsement of Zeldin criticized

Republican House Speaker John Boehner came to the

Republican House Speaker John Boehner came to the first congressional district for a second time Thursday night to headline a rally for State Sen. Lee Zeldin in his tight, multimillion-dollar battle with six-term Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Your editorial endorsing a Republican newcomer over a seasoned incumbent Democrat, because it is important to vote for someone who can get along with the House majority, is arguably one of the lamest and potentially dangerous reasons for ever voting for anyone ["Send Lee Zeldin to Congress from 1st District," Editorial, Oct. 29].

This is exactly what happens in the nations we seek to democratize. Voters pick members of the majority for fear that if they don't, they won't get their fair share of the pie or suffer retribution.

I am really amazed that the groupthink of your editorial board would include this type of specious reason in any endorsement. I neither know the candidates, nor do I live in the district involved.

Another point: As a longtime Republican, I abhor Grover Norquist's 2006 no-tax-hike pledge and trust that those sensible politicians who signed it will withdraw their names from this polarizing document.

Gabriele K. Libbey, Harbor Isle

Are you kidding me? You're endorsing the Republican, Conservative and tea party candidate because Long Island might be able to get more if its congressman is part of the congressional majority. You wrote that Lee Zeldin "likely will have collected some chits from the leadership if he wins" and "Long Island needs this seat at the Republican table."

Doesn't the fact that Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) has been elected and re-elected to Congress, despite a higher registration of Republican voters in this district, mean anything to you? Your "if you can't beat them, join them" philosophy is totally wrong for us.

You admit that Bishop "knows the job and seems to relish it," that he has been successful at helping college students better afford their educations, and that "he has fought doggedly for the Fire Island-to-Montauk sand replenishment project."

He also has been instrumental in keeping Gabreski Airport open, keeping Brookhaven National Lab running, and helping hundreds of his constituents of all ages -- especially veterans -- no matter what their political leanings. In doing his job, Bishop has worked hard at being apolitical and fair.

Yvette Hohler, Port Jefferson