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Letters: Enjoy kids while you can

A man moves snow to the street on

A man moves snow to the street on North 15th Street in Wyandanch on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. Credit: Steve Pfost

I read with amusement the letter about bored kids driving their parents nuts at home ["Snow days turn kids into 'caged animals,' " Feb. 16].

When I grew up on Long Island, we had our fair share of snow days. We were happy to have a day off, and it meant time to play. Sledding, snowmen and snowball fights were all part of that fun.

Perhaps if the "animals" were allowed to enjoy the snow, it might release some of that energy and help them get exercise, too.

Mark Skorzawski, Middle Island


The writer does not speak for "parents everywhere." Many parents take joy in the children that God has blessed us with. I think almost daily of the parents of those children in Newtown, Conn., the same age as my youngest child, who no longer have their little angels with them.

While snow days may throw a little wrench into my freelance writing schedule, I happily set my work aside to enjoy the snow with my four children, ages 7 to 16. We shovel snow and make snowmen, and then warm up while baking cookies, eating soup, and, yes, sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows.

All too soon, like the snow that will soon melt away, they will be grown up and out of the house.

Elizabeth Kathryn Miller, Ridge


I understand the letter was written tongue-in-cheek, but perhaps this writer should examine the parenting skills that have allowed her children to behave like "caged animals."

I know kids like hers, and they aren't born behaving that way. It's the parents who don't teach their kids right from wrong beginning at a very early age who are ultimately responsible for the "heathens" that result.

Every day that I spend with my children is a gift. And I am proud of their manners and their behavior.

Michael DeRosa, Selden


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