Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letters: Fireworks disruptive, scare dogs

A shot from the fireworks display outside Nassau

A shot from the fireworks display outside Nassau Coliseum in East Garden City. (June 21, 2008) Credit: Newsday, 2008 / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

The holiday weekend has come and gone ["Fourth fizzles," News, July 5], but I guess I will have to wait only another two weeks until the explosions stop.

I have endured several weeks of explosions, especially on the weekends, loud enough and strong enough that the windows on the house shook, and my poor dog has been hiding under the bed.

This is not a celebration of the July Fourth holiday, but rather inconsiderate, rude behavior by a group of people who apparently think that setting off loud explosions for weeks on end is acceptable behavior. It's not! What's wrong with you people? I just don't get it.

Steven F. Lowenhar, Dix Hills

Yeah, I know it's the Fourth . . . but do people really need to set off what seems like a cannon that is two blocks away and sets off my car alarm? And must they continue the barrage till after midnight?

We have a dog who changes into a bowl of jelly when they start going off. We put a "thunder" shirt on him, which supposedly gives him a feeling of security because it's so tight. We have tranquilizers from the veterinarian, but when the "war" is going on outside, the tranquilizers offer no help.

He feels he must escape from the noise. In his efforts to escape, he has pulled down drapes, shades and blinds. He has torn up the molding on a window and a door and has broken through screens.

I like fireworks as much as the next person. But do they need to be set off in residential areas? And is there no end?

Al Molenko, Bellmore