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LETTERS: Flo fighting back, fish feeling pain, and more

Critelli was lucky; fighting can backfire

Flo Critelli, the 91-year-old who fought a thief trying to steal from her cash register , was a brave woman.

However, this story sends a bad message to older adults. In my Streetwise Safety programs, I stress not to fight for money. When a criminal tries to get your money and you resist, the thief has two choices: Go to another target or escalate the amount of force used.

Luckily, he only punched Critelli. He could have had a weapon, and the story could have been very different. While Critelli's family is very proud of her action, I am sure they are more concerned that she wasn't hurt. My advice to the average person: Never fight for valuables.

Arthur Cohen

Massapequa Park

Editor's note: The writer is a teacher and consultant on personal and school safety.

Science isn't clear on whether fish feel pain

As to this ongoing discussion of whether fish feel pain, , the true science of the matter is that the answer is at best unclear. A study conducted by the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science in conjunction with Purdue University concluded that it is most likely that fish indeed do experience pain.

Maybe we are "at the top of the food chain." But being there is not a position of moral standing and entitlement; in fact, it is more arguably the opposite. Whether we abuse that position unnecessarily or not is what really determines our superiority.

Alan M. Weber


Senior appreciated young man's help

Many adults feel that youngsters and young adults today are mostly irresponsible and selfish. The media report the terrible things that some youngsters do, but rarely report the good things.

Last weekend, the wind left several large branches at the end of my driveway. I walk with a cane and was trying to move the branches off the driveway with my cane. A car came to a stop and a nice young man got out and said, "Let me do that." He removed the branches, I thanked him, and before I could get his name, he got into his car and drove away. There are young people out there who are compassionate and helpful; let's remember that there are more good young people in our country than there are bad.

Paul J. Salvato Sr.

New Hyde Park

Library budgets deserve scrutiny, too

While most of us are directing our attention to our school budgets, I wonder how many of us have taken the time to review our library budgets. I recently received a budget summary in the newsletter from the South Huntington Public Library and was surprised to see that salary costs are going up 3 percent, and benefits costs are increasing almost 19 percent. I requested an explanation, but have yet to receive a reply. I think that all voters should take the time to carefully review their library budgets before voting on them.

Philip Morvillo

Huntington Station